Two venues. Two atmospheres. One unforgettable night.

Who knew the two most unique bars in Lubbock, Texas would be located in a parking garage? One boasts rooftop views of the city and Texas Tech Football games, while the other offers warm, delicious American food and 11 TVs.

Together, they provide the best staff, great atmospheres, and awesome accommodations to serve up one memorable night.


So, how will you start the night?

The Roof

Fun with a view

We offer everything from an energetic bird's-eye view of Texas Tech football, to lazy Sunday lounging, to mesmerizing nights filled with energetic dancing and crazy memories.


Raider Park Grill

Beer + Sports + Burgers

During the day, we have delicious food & plenty of sports & games. Once the sun goes down it's a different story. We'll have anything from live bands, to DJs, to private events.